What do the people of the cities, the jungles, the mountains, the deserts all have in common?

Their prayers.

Listen!  If you pay attention you will hear them, for they are everywhere.  From bedside and workplace, silent or spoken, at every moment prayers are rising, enveloping the earth.

They may come consciously or unconsciously, as a call for help or as a sigh of thanks, in good times and in bad, in longing and in joy.  Though God may have a name or have none, prayers come from but one place and it is to one place that they go.

OnePrayer takes us into the realm of prayer, where the countless golden sparks of our earthly prayers rise ceaselessly to the heavens.  Each spark reveals its prayer at a touch: What do the rich pray for, the poor, the children, the suffering, the inspired? 

Though our struggles may be different, it is the hope of OnePrayer that in sharing this most intimate expression of our humanity we come to recognize ourselves in each other.  As fellow beings we share not just an overwhelmingly beautiful home but also a realm where in speaking to a power higher than ourselves we shower the earth with all our hopes and blessings.