Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions about the OnePrayer app and website. If you still need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: What is OnePrayer and why was it created?

A: OnePrayer is a forum for the countless silent prayers offered up from every corner of the planet at every moment of every day.  Prayer is the purest expression of our hopes and aspirations, a cry from the heart that knows no self-consciousness or censorship.  It is an expression of the primacy of the relationship between ourselves and the higher powers with whom we commune.

Q: Is there an underlying principle with regard to what kind of prayers may be left?

A: OnePrayer focuses on what we are praying for, rather than who we are praying to.  They may be prayers of supplication or prayers of gratitude, but this is not a site for expressing devotion to a deity.

Q: Is OnePrayer a social website?

A: OnePrayer is not intended to be a social website and submissions are made anonymously.  It is a  place for prayers and for blessings, and for the quiet contemplation of the human condition.

Q: Who is responsible for the creation of OnePrayer?

A: OnePrayer is a project of Théâtre Anima, a not-for-profit organization chartered under the laws of the Government of Canada.   In keeping with our underlying principles, the website and the application are both entirely secular and completely commercial free.  

Q: Can I upload prayers to YouTube and have them appear on OnePrayer?

A: No. You must re-upload your video in the OnePrayer app.